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Worldwide Resource

MORC has always considered itself part of the worldwide disability community and has enthusiastically shared its expertise with governors, health care ministers, mental health leaders, families, and people with disabilities all over the world.

Agency staff have written and heavily participated in developing community placement plans for cities such as New York and Tulsa, states such as Michigan and Connecticut, countries, such as North Korea and UkrainiansHungary, and third world nations such as Macedonia and Paraguay. MORC has additionally received delegations from 54 countries that came to learn about how the agency has supported people to live in the community, including people with severe medical and behavioral challenges.

The following are areas where MORC can offer expertise.

  • Creating Shared Lives and Personal Residences
  • Finding foster families
  • Self-Determination
  • Fighting community resistance
  • Providing nursing and complex medical supports
  • Creating jobs for individuals with disabilities
  • Training caregivers
  • Implementing Gentle Teaching
  • Designing quality assurance programs

If you are interested in visiting our agency or in receiving consultation or technical assistance on any of the above issues, please call us at 586-263-8700