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Support Needs Assessment Center Team

Ryan Leininger, Director and SIS-A Trainer, Support Needs Assessment Center

Ryan is an AAIDD-recognized Supports Intensity Scale® trainer and assessor who serves as the Director of the Supports Intensity Scale program at MORC. He possesses a high level of competency with the SIS, and has led and contributed with communication, implementation, training, reporting and pilots of past and current SIS-related service delivery in Michigan. His hands-on knowledge in the area of mentoring and ensuring reliability of SIS-A® trainers and interviewers adds to the expertise of the MORC team. Ryan derives great satisfaction from enhancing individual plans of service through guided SIS conversations as a part of the organization’s pre-planning process. He has been a part of the MORC SIS® Team since 2010. His e-mail is ryan.leininger@morcinc.org.

Heather Hawkins, Operations Manager, Support Needs Assessment Center

Heather brings expertise in communication and information technology management as well as many years of experience in budgeting, finance, business and strategic planning.  Heather serves as a liaison between MORC’s partners, vendors, staff, and individuals served. She manages department operations in order to ensure quality data and stakeholder satisfaction. Additionally, she directly oversees data analysis, clerical administration, communications and public relations and is an all-encompassing professional business resource. Heather provides expertise in the management and recruiting of high quality candidates, and ensures that regular quality, efficiency, and accuracy audits occur on schedule.  Her e-mail is heather.hawkins@morcinc.org.

Katie Lord, Training Manager and SIS-A Trainer

Katie is an AAIDD-recognized Supports Intensity Scale® interviewer and trainer who oversees related training, interviewer activities, communications, and stakeholder presentations at MORC. She possesses a high level of competency with the SIS, and has assisted in the completion of more than 1,000 assessments on behalf of MORC, Inc. She has been a part of the MORC SIS® Team since 2011. Katie earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Oakland University. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and prior to coming to MORC, she worked as a school counselor. Her e-mail is katie.lord@morcinc.org.

Adam Fuhrman, SIS-A Assessor/Peer Mentor Coordinator

Adam works as a Counselor, the Peer Mentor coordinator, and SIS-A assessor at MORC, Inc. in Michigan, where he helps individuals identify and develop skills that they can impart to other individuals with similar needs. In addition, he was an integral part of the initial SIS implementation and training in Michigan.

Adam provides valuable insight to the MORC team in his role as a Supports Intensity Scale® interviewer and previous SIS Trainer, recognized by AAIDD.   He received both his BA in history (2004) and his MA in counseling (2007) from Oakland University and resides in Troy, Michigan. His e-mail is adam.fuhrman@morcinc.org.

Brande Klaus, Assessment Coordinator and SIS-A Assessor

Brande is a Supports Intensity Scale® Assessor and an AAIDD recognized Trainer with MORC’s Support Need Assessment Center. She has been working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for 25 years. Brande has held various roles from residential staff to Supports Coordinator, Para-educator, ABA Home Therapist, and SIS Assessor in Northern Michigan and Metro Detroit. She graduated from Central Michigan University with Degree in Psychology, Sociology, and Family Life.

Brande enjoys working together with people to find out their story and aiding them in advocating for positive change in their lives and within our communities and across the state.

Her e-mail is brande.klaus@morcinc.org

Alexandria Pfaendtner, Assessment Coordinator and SIS-A Assessor

Alex is a Supports Intensity Scale® assessor and coordinator with MORC’s Support Need Assessment Center devoted to completing Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) assessments in Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties. She graduated from Saginaw Valley State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work.  She is beginning work towards her Master’s Degree in Social Work at Michigan State University.  Alex previously worked at Centria Healthcare as and ABA technician.  It is her goal to be an advocate and to work with others so that each and every person has the same opportunities for success as the next.  Her e-mail is alexandria.pfaendtner@morcinc.org.

Carol Wallace,  Assessment Coordinator and SIS-A Assessor

Carol is a Supports Intensity Scale Assessor and Coordinator with MORC’s Support Need Assessment Center, completing Supports Intensity Scale Assessments in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties.  She graduated from Judson University (formerly known as Judson College in Elgin IL) in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Relations and is a Michigan licensed social worker. She has been employed at MORC since 2000 as a Support Coordinator prior to joining the SNAC team in 2017.  She has enjoyed working with persons with developmental disabilities for her entire career in residential, vocational and social work settings.  She enjoys meeting new people to learn about their interests and challenges to play a part in propelling them forward towards a fulfilled life.

Ashley Burk,  Assessment Coordinator and SIS-A Assessor

Ashley is a Supports Intensity Scale® assessor and coordinator with MORC’s Support Need Assessment Center, she has been with MORC since October 2019. Ashley has a BSW from Eastern Michigan University and an MSW from U of M–Ann Arbor. She enjoys thrift shopping, going on day trips around Michigan, reading, swimming, and watching movies in her spare time.

She appreciates building relationships with others and giving a safe space for people to share their story in the work we do. She shares “Everyone needs the chance to be heard and have their needs met. It’s important to be a listener even when we don’t have the solutions.”

 Her e-mail is Ashley.Burk@morcinc.org

Lindsay Hebel,  Assessment Coordinator and SIS-A Assessor

Lindsay started as a Supports Intensity Scale® assessor with MORC in May of 2021 and is currently an Assessment Coordinator with MORC’s Support Need Assessment Center. She started working in the healthcare industry fifteen years ago. Lindsay’s hobbies include exercising, traveling, and spending time with family. She also enjoys listening to true crime podcasts. While working with SNAC to help others, she appreciates seeing people succeed, meeting new people, and hearing their stories. Lindsay possesses a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling from Michigan State University.

Her e-mail is Lindsay.Hebel@morcinc.org

Cathy Alvis,  SNAC Administrative Assistant

Cathy has been with MORC over 20 years and worked as an Administrative Assistant in the Vocational Services and Transportation area before moving to the SNAC department. She brings valuable experience and patience to the team. Cathy works with the team to schedule assessments among other system duties. Back in MORC history, co-worker and supervisor Bill Erb enjoyed the fact he could yell “Alvis has left the building.”

Sabrina Makris,  SNAC Administrative Assistant

Sabrina has been with the MORC SNAC team for six years. She provides a helpful calming resource for scheduling appointments. When not at MORC, she enjoys reading, gardening and being with her grandkids and family. She enjoys working with the SNAC team and helping others.

Noah Ward,  SNAC Administrative Assistant

Noah joined MORC in 2022 and provides scheduling and data administration expertise. His hobbies include – computers/technology, playing piano, watching movies/TV series, camping and other outdoor activities. Noah also enjoys spending time with friends and family. He has always strived to help bring happiness to others whenever he can. Noah provides quality service to those we serve and other professionals in the human services field. He truly supports our mission to maximize human potential in all the counties we serve.