Guide to Student Disability Protections and Plans

Parents of students with disabilities may have a lot of questions when sending their children to school. Will the school adequately support their child? What laws are put in place to ensure their safety and success? To help answer some of these questions and more, our team created a guide that is directed primarily toward parents of students with disabilities, …

Tips for Parents of Children with Disabilities who want them to succeed in School

When it comes to disability and inclusion, despite good intentions, many schools don’t know what they don’t know. Also, only 61% of students with disabilities get a high school degree — so it is up to people with disabilities, and their loved ones, to educate and advocate for disability inclusion and success. This is especially true when enabling children with …

New Supreme Court Ruling Affects Special Education

Read about a significant US Supreme Court ruling which will impact all families who struggle to secure the highest level of special educational supports and services for their child. All children deserve an opportunity to meet their highest potential and this action brings us one step closer to making that happen. Read the Article Here

The Separate, Unequal Education of Students with Special Needs

Despite the right to an equal education bestowed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, challenges and inequities in educational settings are widespread among children with special needs.  See how an important case in Georgia is bringing many of these issues to light and resulting in renewed advocacy on the federal level. Read the Article Here