Medications Part II — Transcriptions and Demo

Transcription Test, Module 1, Independent Study

This 2 hour class is designed for you to independently create a Medication Record thoroughly and precisely to administer medications using the instructions and materials in this packet. THIS IS NOT AN INSTRUCTOR – LED CLASS, THIS IS AN INDEPENDENT TESTING MODULE.

Within this 2 hours you have the opportunity to independently create and transcribe a Medication Record in preparation for your scheduled return demonstration and submit it to MORC Training Department for review and correction by a Registered Nurse. Once it has been approved by the Registered Nurse you can register for the Return Medication Demonstration Test, Module 2.

Return Medication Demonstration Testing Needs:

This is the last of the three test process. You will be doing a return demonstration to show your skills in passing three medications correctly using the 5 Rights/3 Checks, aseptic technique and clinical best practice. This will be done via remote access through your provider and MORC.  The testing associated with your safe delivery of Medication will include a remote experience using Zoom technology and a MORC Nurse Trainer.

Cost: $100