Course Offerings or (248)-238-4580."}" data-original-title="Culture of Gentleness Training Initiative"> Culture of Gentleness Training Initiative
Bloodborne Pathogens
Transcription Test, Module 1, Independent Study This 2 hour class is designed for you to independently create a Medication Record thoroughly and precisely to administer medications using the instructions and materials in this packet. THIS IS NOT AN INSTRUCTOR - LED CLASS, THIS IS AN INDEPENDENT TESTING MODULE. Within this 2 hours you have the opportunity to independently create and transcribe a Medication Record in preparation for your scheduled return demonstration and submit it to MORC Training Department for review and correction by a Registered Nurse. Once it has been approved by the Registered Nurse you can register for the Return Medication Demonstration Test, Module 2. Return Medication Demonstration Testing Needs: This is the last of the three test process. You will be doing a return demonstration to show your skills in passing three medications correctly using the 5 Rights/3 Checks, aseptic technique and clinical best practice. This will be done via remote access through your provider and MORC.  The testing associated with your safe delivery of Medication will include a remote experience using Zoom technology and a MORC Nurse Trainer.  "}" data-original-title="Medications - Part 2 Transcriptions and Demo"> Medications - Part 2 Transcriptions and Demo
Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a condition that affects millions of people living in the U.S. today. Individuals with physical and mental disabilities experience substance abuse at a higher rate. Guiding and mentoring the individuals we support to healthy connections with family, friends, and the community is one of the best tools to overcoming an SUD. Class Length = 30 minutes  "}" data-original-title="Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD)"> Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD)
This course will enhance your skills to ask direct questions, demonstrate and verbalize safe responses to a suicide crisis situation, respond in accordance to agency protocols for intervention, and know resources within the community for suicide prevention. After taking this MORC Training course the learner can now recognize the serious risk potential when individuals verbalize suicidal threats. This course is Closed Captioned. Course Length = 40 minutes  "}" data-original-title="Suicide Risk Assessment & Intervention"> Suicide Risk Assessment & Intervention
Choking: Reducing The Risk
First Aid and CPR - Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Part 1
Cultural Competency
Documentation Basics for Direct Support Professionals
Due Process / Medicaid Fair Hearing / Grievances & Appeals
Environmental Emergencies
First Aid and CPR – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Part 2
Direct Support Professionals have an essential role as a part of the health care team and care plan. In Part 1 of this course, students will learn how to support and respond to health issues including allergic reaction shock, communicable diseases, universal precautions, and infection control. Part 2 places a performance emphasis on measuring temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and the first aid procedure for tonic-clonic seizures. For more about documentation and the health record, please see our online course called Documentation Basics for Direct Support Professionals. Length of Training = 6 hours Training is Good for Three (3) years"}" data-original-title="Health"> Health
Infectious Disease Control for Employer of Record (EOR) and Respite Workers
Intro to Human Services and Meeting Special Needs
Limited English Proficiency
Medications - Part 1
Nutrition and Food Safety
Recipient Rights
Working with People: Introduction and Positive Techniques