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Relationships with others are the foundation of our personal and professional lives and the method in which we interact is vitally important. The principles involved in a Culture of Gentleness are simple and yet life-changing. They are applicable across all disciplines and for use in our everyday lives.

This video series and workbook is designed to help you and your team develop a plan for you or your staff and the people you serve. It includes 5 DVD’s: Safe & Loved, Positive Interactions, Demands, Structure, and Transitions and all include a corresponding workbook. With the complete package, there is over 2 hours and 20 minutes of video and over 50 pages of workbook. Each DVD can be purchase individually with its coinciding workbook for $85.

Questions addressed in each video include:

Safe and Loved (run time 35m):
* What is emotionally safe?
* What is unconditionally loved (valued)?
* What is the Central Purpose?
* What is the impact of one’s histories and memories?
* What are the indicators of unsafe?

Positive Interactions (run time 28m):
* What are the 4 tools of caregiving?
* How are we perceived by the person served?
* How can we provide positive interactions?
* What is engagement, why is it important, and how often should we be providing it?
* What are the ratios of Positive Interactions v. Demands?

Demands (run time 21m):
* What are Demands?
* What are the ways we can lower Demands?
* How can we use our tools of caregiving to lower Demands?
* How do choices lower demands?
* What are the ratios of Positive Interactions v. Demands?
* How to lower the Demands in the moment someone feels unsafe?

Structure (run time 47m):
* What is Structure?
* Why is Structure Important?
* How do we know when Structure is needed?
* What is structured Communication and how can it help?
* How can Structure lower Demands?
* What considerations are made when creating Structure?
* What does it look like in practice?

Transition (run time 30m):
* What are Transitions?
* How can Transitions that need further support be identified?
* How to incorporate all of the other Elements to address Transitions?
* How can we use the 6 Elements to develop a plan to smooth Transitions?
* How can we generalize the information to help smooth other Transitions ?

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