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Autism Services

Our Approach:  Family Life Skills Program

Our Family Life Skills Program is focused on supporting, engaging and empowering families that have a child with Autism.  Our services go beyond offering Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, to include strategies and activities that engage the whole family.  Complimenting high quality ABA and social skills training for the child with Autism are family life goals, coached play sessions and enhanced family training.  The goal of our Autism services is not only to improve the quality of life and independence of children with Autism, but also to improve the quality of life for the family by empowering all members towards successful outcomes.

Services offered at our Autism Centers

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services.
  • Individual social skills training that utilizes social stories, structured routines, modeling, visual cues,reinforcement, prompts and task analysis for skill acquisition.
  • Enhanced family training that includes coached play sessions, family skill building and recreation of challenging scenarios on-site.
  • A pediatric/adolescent psychiatric consultant is available to review cases where multiple medications are being utilized. This has resulted in more efficient management of psychiatric disturbances with the least restrictive amount of medication.
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Eligibility and Payment Options

Children aged 2 to 18 with a diagnosis of Autism are eligible for services.  Contact us at 248-918-5600 or publicaffairs@morcinc.org today for more information!

We accept Medicaid and most private insurances. There is currently no waiting list. Call us today to verify insurance benefits.

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To begin the process of determining your eligibility for services, please select below the county in which you live and type of services you are seeking.   You will then be directed to the appropriate intake number to call for an eligibility assessment.


Adults with Special Needs

Coordinating a plan of service for all areas of life

Senior Services

Home care supports for the elderly and disabled, nursing home transition


Applied Behavioral Analysis, family centered supports

Living Options

Family home supports, independent living, group homes

Employment Options

Supported and competitive employment, microenterprises

Children with Special Needs

Children's Waiver program, Autism services, family supports