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Living Options

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Choosing the living arrangement that is right for you is one of the first and most important decisions you will make upon receiving services from Easterseals MORC.  We offer a wide variety of living options and are here to guide you every step of the way.  Comfort, choice, geographic area, physical and emotional needs and level of supports required are all key factors in determining the living option that is right for you.

Services Offered

Some of the living options available include:

  • Family Home:  Individuals can choose to live in their family home and we can assist in coordinating supports and adaptations.
  • Independent Living:  Individuals can choose to live independently by renting an apartment or house or purchasing a home.  We can work with individuals to coordinate services to support their independence.  Independent living can be done with or without a roommate based on preference.
  • Group Home:  Individuals can choose to reside in a licensed or unlicensed group home with 2-5 other individuals.  We work with a large network of residential providers to help families choose the best living environment for them.

Transitioning to a New Home

Transitioning to a new living situation requires a lot of planning and can be very stressful. Easterseals MORC is here to help you every step of the way. Click here for our brochure that guides you through all the things to think about when moving to a new living situation.


These services are available to individuals with an intellectual disability who are on Medicaid and eligible for public mental health services.

Get Started

To begin the process of determining your eligibility for services, please select below the county in which you live and type of services you are seeking.   You will then be directed to the appropriate intake number to call for an eligibility assessment.


Adults with Special Needs

Coordinating a plan of service for all areas of life

Senior Services

Home care supports for the elderly and disabled, nursing home transition


Applied Behavioral Analysis, family centered supports

Living Options

Family home supports, independent living, group homes

Employment Options

Supported and competitive employment, microenterprises

Children with Special Needs

Children's Waiver program, Autism services, family supports