Origins of a Culture of Gentleness

MORC Training has been a longstanding leader in providing high quality, interactive training, built upon best practices in providing care to those receiving behavioral health services and the promising practice of our Culture of Gentleness philosophy. Since our inception in 1982, we’ve trained over 300,000 people and we currently have over 12,000 people attend our training annually.  As the majority of the MORC Training Team started in this field providing direct care, we understand the complexity of the role and are honored to provide training to such a vital workforce. We believe that high quality training is the investment you make into the culture of your organization and a direct link to high quality care.

MORC Inc. was recognized as an international leader of the Deinstitutionalization Movement of the 1970s and 1980s, MORC Inc. and continued this legacy from 2009 – 2014 by being selected by the State of Michigan as the training entity assigned to assist with the closure and transition of Michigan’s last publicly funded institution for people with Intellectual Disabilities.  MORC designed and implemented a 5-year transitional training initiative that has positively influenced the system of care throughout Michigan and beyond.  Today, MORC Training continues to be on the frontlines on issues facing the behavioral health system.  We are consultants to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services-Direct Care Advisory Group, heading up the “State Training Guidelines Workgroup,”  and also working with the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan, International Gentle Teaching Network, grant initiatives, workgroups, task forces, and committees in an effort to influence how people experience care.

MORC’s Culture of Gentleness Training initiatives focus on improving outcomes as our approach incorporates compassion as an alternative to the reactive and restrictive practices that are commonplace in working with those who present with complex needs. Our central purpose is to nurture; teach; and sustain a sense of companionship, connectedness, and community for those who have repeatedly experienced an existence of disconnectedness, isolation, and loneliness. Our services also address the support needs of individuals and organizations providing care which can result in improved outcomes for all shareholders.  Leadership is integral to the support of this cultural shift therefore training offerings on several leadership topics are offered.  Training can be catered to help organizations and administrative teams gain the skills and understanding on how to move toward the desired work culture where all feel valued for their effort.

As we continue to expand our Culture of Gentleness Training Initiatives, including Train the Trainer opportunities, look for additions to our library of offerings in the future.   Any questions regarding Culture of Gentleness Initiatives can be sent to

All current Culture of Gentleness Training Initiatives are offered through live, virtual experiences using the Zoom platform.