Advanced Teaching Concepts, Inc.

Agency Name: Advanced Teaching Concepts, Inc.
Services: Specialized Residential
Counties Served: Oakland
Founded: 1993
Is your organization CARF accredited?: No
Willing to serve people with complex behavioral needs: Yes
Willing to serve people with intensive medical needs: Yes
Available:: feeding tubes, passing medications, colostomy bags, insulin shots
Available (Other):: Specific services to meet individual needs
How we are commited to a Culture of Gentleness: Our agency has been utilizing a Culture of Gentleness for many, many years. Many of our lead management staff have attended numerous trainings in these areas, and this training is disseminated throughout our agency. We have quarterly Management Training sessions as a whole company, and individual home staff training meetings at each location on a regular basis. Gentle caring and teaching is an on-going agenda item, and is specified by the individual needs of persons served.
Languages other than English?: No
Geographical areas of Macomb and Oakland counties served for Community Living Supports (CLS) and/or Respite (Hourly support): Southwestern Oakland County
Will locate homes (rentals) for individuals seeking personal residences: No
Licensed Facility: Yes
City / cities licensed facility is located: Oxford, Novi, Rochester Hills, Waterford, Highland, South Lyon and Holly
Lives in home where license is held (Family Foster Care Home): No
Year home was first licensed: 1993
Minors live in the home?: No
Can the home accommodate individuals that are non-ambulatory?: Yes
Wheelchair lift available: Yes
School district where home is located: Each home is located in the school district of the city where it resides.
# of Floors: 1
# of Bedrooms: Each home has at least 3; some have 4
# People per Room: Maximum of 2 persons per room
Opportunities for single occupancy per room?: Yes
# of beds per floor: All beds are on first floor
Unique information about organizaton: Our organization has a small, family feel. All management and administrative staff have worked as entry level, caregivers in the field. Many of our Managers have been with our agency for well over 10 years, some for over 20. We have relatively low staff turnover, and we focus on making each home feel like a true family environment.
Business Phone Number: 248-486-5368
Contact: Michael Fields
Executive Director