Developmental Essential Services, Inc.

Agency Name: Developmental Essential Services, Inc.
Services: Specialized Residential, Vocational, CLS, Respite
Counties Served: Macomb, Oakland, Wayne
Founded: 1991
Is your organization CARF accredited?: Yes
Willing to serve people with complex behavioral needs: Yes
Willing to serve people with intensive medical needs: Yes
Available:: feeding tubes, passing medications, colostomy bags, suctioning, insulin shots
How we are commited to a Culture of Gentleness: Many of our organization’s management staff have been trained in Gentle Teaching. They are able to share this information and techniques with their staff and guide them to use it effectively. Moving forward, we will continue to use gentle teaching for the individuals we serve.
Languages other than English?: Yes
Languages other than English: Arabic
Geographical areas of Macomb and Oakland counties served for Community Living Supports (CLS) and/or Respite (Hourly support): All of Macomb County and Central to Northern Oakland County
Will locate homes (rentals) for individuals seeking personal residences: Yes
Licensed Facility: No
City / cities licensed facility is located: No licensed facilities at this time.
Unique information about organizaton: Since opening in 1991, we have served individuals of all ages and disabilities. We provide Vocational, Residential, CLS/Respite and Employment services in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties. We will continue to brainstorm and come up with new ideas that will help us better serve our consumers and their needs.
Business Phone Number: 586-465-6660
Contact: Dion Scharf