Taylor’s Special Care Services, Inc.

Agency Name: Taylor’s Special Care Services, Inc.
Services: Specialized Residential, CLS, Other
Other Services: In-home services and supports
Counties Served: Oakland, Wayne, Other
Founded: 1999
Is your organization CARF accredited?: Yes
Willing to serve people with complex behavioral needs: Yes
Willing to serve people with intensive medical needs: No
Available:: passing medications, insulin shots
How we are commited to a Culture of Gentleness: Most of our staff attend Gentle Teaching training on an ongoing basis and most of our managers have taken the three day practicum course. Our focus is not on obedience or demands but on teaching our clients to feel safe with others. Staff understand the four primary goals of the Gentle Teaching approach, namely, teaching person served to feel safe, engaged, unconditionally valued while valuing others. We are focused on these principles and remain committed to our core values designed to improve the quality of life of those we serve.
Languages other than English?: Yes
Languages other than English: Romanian
Geographical areas of Macomb and Oakland counties served for Community Living Supports (CLS) and/or Respite (Hourly support): Throughout Oakland and Macomb counties
Will locate homes (rentals) for individuals seeking personal residences: Yes
Licensed Facility: Yes
City / cities licensed facility is located: Southfield, Farmington and Farmington Hills
Lives in home where license is held (Family Foster Care Home): No
Year home was first licensed: 1999
Minors live in the home?: No
Can the home accommodate individuals that are non-ambulatory?: Yes
Wheelchair lift available: No
School district where home is located: Southfield, Farmington
# of Floors: 1-2
# of Bedrooms: 3-4 at each location
# People per Room: 1-2
Opportunities for single occupancy per room?: Yes
# of beds per floor: Varies by home
Unique information about organizaton: We’ve had a long-standing relationship with MORC and other core providers in Oakland and Macomb counties such as Easter Seals, Community Network Services, Training and Treatment Innovations, Community Living Services, etc. We have maintained CARF accreditation since 2007 and were recognized as one of the 101 Best and Brightest Companies to work for nationally and regionally two years in a row in 2013 and 2014.
Agency Website: http://www.tscs-mi.com
Business Phone Number: 248-350-0357
Contact: Sherman Taylor