Willis House, Inc.

Agency Name: Willis House, Inc.
Services: Specialized Residential, CLS, Respite
Counties Served: Oakland
Founded: 2005
Is your organization CARF accredited?: No
Willing to serve people with complex behavioral needs: Yes
Willing to serve people with intensive medical needs: Yes
Available:: feeding tubes, passing medications, suctioning, insulin shots, maintaining tracheotomies
How we are commited to a Culture of Gentleness: Willis House, Inc. provider and management team are required to attend all training pertaining to Managing in a Culture of Gentleness, Culture of Gentleness Practicum and annual Culture of Gentleness conference in addition to any subsequent training relating to the Culture of Gentleness.
Languages other than English?: No
Geographical areas of Macomb and Oakland counties served for Community Living Supports (CLS) and/or Respite (Hourly support): All areas of Oakland County
Will locate homes (rentals) for individuals seeking personal residences: Yes
Licensed Facility: Yes
City / cities licensed facility is located: Waterford
Lives in home where license is held (Family Foster Care Home): No
Year home was first licensed: 2005
Minors live in the home?: No
Can the home accommodate individuals that are non-ambulatory?: Yes
Wheelchair lift available: Yes
School district where home is located: Waterford
# of Floors: 1
# of Bedrooms: 4
# People per Room: 1
Opportunities for single occupancy per room?: Yes
# of beds per floor: 4 all on the first floor
Unique information about organizaton: Willis House, Inc. strongly believes in the Culture of Gentleness as we practice the six elements of feeling safe and loved, having positive interactions with our residents, decreasing unnecessary demands, relying on a daily structure and assisting with transitions from work, school, home, etc. We also specialize in managing conflict and providing positive problem solving solutions for the individuals we serve.
Business Phone Number: 248-855-2500
Contact: Meagan Bensel