Worry Free Transportation, Inc.

Agency Name: Worry Free Transportation, Inc.
Services: Other
Other Services: Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory transportation
Counties Served: Oakland
Founded: 2004
Is your organization CARF accredited?: Yes
Willing to serve people with complex behavioral needs: Yes
Willing to serve people with intensive medical needs: Yes
Available:: feeding tubes, colostomy bags
Available (Other):: Oxygen tank
How we are commited to a Culture of Gentleness: Our transportation specialists are wheelchair securement certified which teaches gentleness during the securement process.
Languages other than English?: No
Geographical areas of Macomb and Oakland counties served for Community Living Supports (CLS) and/or Respite (Hourly support): All of Oakland County
Will locate homes (rentals) for individuals seeking personal residences: No
Licensed Facility: Yes
City / cities licensed facility is located: Waterford
Unique information about organizaton: Worry Free Transportation serves individuals with differing abilities. We strive to assure maximum quality of life by meeting specific mobility needs. Our staff displays a high level of affection and patience towards our valued community.
Agency Website: http://www.eft1.com
Business Phone Number: 248-481-8811
Contact: Will Owens