Easterseals MORC


Our Method

At Easterseals MORC, we respect your right to make the decisions that are best for you.  We are committed to helping you every step of the way by telling you about available resources, giving advice and providing the necessary services to support your choices.

Living your life your way is called self-direction.

What self-direction means you

  • You decide where you want to live, work and have fun.
  • You decide who you want to help you reach your goals and dreams.
  • You control your budget so your money can work for you.
  • You can have your family, friends and MORC support staff help you with decisions to make sure your health and safety needs are met.
  • You receive the supports you need without giving up control of your life.
  • You can choose to directly hire your own staff and what to pay them (within Easterseals MORC market rates).

How to make self-direction work for you

  • Discuss the option with your Easterseals MORC Support Coordinator.
  • Think about the types of services and supports you need based on your situation and the goals you have for your life.
  • Think about who in your life you want to help you with your services.
  • Develop an emergency plan in case staff don’t show up.


Services are available for individuals with intellectual disabilities who are on Medicaid and meet the eligibility requirements for public mental health services.

Get Started

To begin the process of determining your eligibility for services, please select below the county in which you live and type of services you are seeking.   You will then be directed to the appropriate intake number to call for an eligibility assessment.


Adults with Special Needs

Coordinating a plan of service for all areas of life

Senior Services

Home care supports for the elderly and disabled, nursing home transition


Applied Behavioral Analysis, family centered supports

Living Options

Family home supports, independent living, group homes

Employment Options

Supported and competitive employment, microenterprises

Children with Special Needs

Children's Waiver program, Autism services, family supports