Center for Positive Living Supports

About the Center

The Center for Positive Living Supports (the Center) is comprised of professionals who have been supporting individuals with complex needs for over 30 years. The Center’s approach focuses on assisting those in care to feel emotionally safe and unconditionally valued.   All training & consultation outcomes are associated with assisting those in Helping Professions (ie. Behavioral Health, Education, Elder Care, etc.) to develop Cultures of Gentleness.  This modality was developed as a result of working with, and learning from, individuals supported by MORC Inc., a global leader in behavioral healthcare.

The Center’s services focus on individuals served in the public mental health system and related organizations to instill hope and create healthy outcomes. The approach incorporates compassion as an alternative to the reactive and restrictive practices that are commonplace in working with those who present with complex needs. Our central purpose is to nurture; teach; and sustain a sense of companionship, connectedness, and community for those who have repeatedly experienced an existence of disconnectedness, isolation, and loneliness.

The Center’s services also address the support needs of individuals and organizations providing care which can result in improved outcomes for all shareholders.  Leadership is integral to the support of this cultural shift.   Services, through The Center, can be catered to help organizations and administrative teams gain the skills and understanding on how to move toward the desired work culture where all feel valued for their effort.


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2018 Culture of Gentleness Conference
August 23-14, 2018

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