Empathize Don’t Internalize: How to Stay the Right Size in the Face of Demands

Wed, Sep 27th
1:30pm - 2:30pm
Macomb Oakland Regional Center
1270 Doris Rd
Auburn Hills
MI 48326

We often find ourselves negatively impacted by the emotions and behaviors of others. When others experience pain, trauma, suffering, and feelings of being unsafe, etc. — we often internalize those emotions over time and it takes its toll. Ultimately, if we are unable to effectively support ourselves, we are unable to effectively support others.
The quality of decision making goes down when feelings of demand go up…this does not have to be the case. We get to decide that.

Our response to others should be just the “right size.”   What is meant by this includes wanting to provide the right amount of support based on the perception of the person I am supporting. If I am too “big” or too “small” then the perception will increase the demand in other and feelings of safety and trust are at risk.

Tim Hylka has been a Sr. Trainer at MORC for nearly four years. Prior to his career at MORC, Mr. Hylka has served in the non-profit Human services sector as a Trainer for over 25 years. Mr. Hylka received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois, in Champaign/Urbana and his Master’s degree from Michigan State, in East Lansing, Michigan. Prior to and following his academic work at Michigan State, Mr. Hylka also served as a Direct Care Worker at both Alternative Services in East Lansing & Community Mental Health in Lansing. Mr. Hylka is an avid reader, biker, and strong advocate of preventative health care measures. Mr. Hylka’s additional areas of interest include Empathy & Compassion Fatigue, Ego Liberation, and Human Right’s issues. Mr. Hylka is committed to his learners’ ability to walk away from his trainings with a firm understanding of what it authentically means to embrace our “Culture of Gentleness” and to practice it daily in all facets of their personal & professional lives.

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