Webinar – Planning for Immediate Needs

Tue, Jul 21st
1:30pm - 3:00pm

As things begin to open up around the world, the Covid 19 outbreak has brought to light many of the gaps in planning that we are now being called to address. In light of this fact we have put together a free, 4 part webinar series that will address some of the planning that should be in place for ourselves and the vulnerable people we support in our lives.

In this second session, we will imagine that you are actually in crisis. We will spend some defining what the gifts of the person supported are. How can we make sure these don’t get lost as things play out and become more difficult for everyone? What kinds of connections are going to be important to make the transition to different or more enhanced supports? What are the things that are non-negotiable? Necessary? Important to keep in mind during this transition? We will explore some hard questions regarding how decisions will be made, when we are not able to. Attendees will have a better idea of who you can call on for assistance and support and begin to deepen those connections intentionally.  You will have an idea of what is critical and when grace may be necessary to get through.

Biographies of the Presenters:

Sheldon Schwitek is currently the Executive Director at The Arc Community Advocates in Kalamazoo and Co-Founder of In the Company of Others. With more than 3 decades of experience in the Person Centered work, he continues to be inspired to find ways to assist people to live their best lives in communities of connection and contribution.

Shelley Nessman is currently the Director of Family Support and Leadership at Planned Lifetime Advocacy Networks (PLAN) in Vancouver British Columbia and Co-Founder of In the Company of Others. She has spent her career supporting people to find their voice, express their passion and turn it all into action that makes change in community. Shelley deeply believes that our relationships are the fabric of good lives for everyone and that when we organize our networks- we can do anything!

E Jennifer Brown founded Eiros Group in 2017 to bring together those that have been previously cast aside. Her gift of listening deeply and creating space for people to feel safe in expressing their truths comes from being the mom to her three exceptional young adults. She is the most recent addition to the In the Company of Others roster.

This webinar is free to all participants.  Click here to register.

The webinar series is sponsored by MORC, the Arc Community Advocates, In the Company of Others and Eiros Group.