Speak So They Listen/Assertive Communication Seminar

Fri, Nov 3rd
9:30am - 1:30pm
Macomb Oakland Regional Center
1270 Doris Rd
Auburn Hills
MI 48326

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to attend two amazing workshops to learn and practice powerful tools to speak so you are listened to and understood in all your 1:1 conversations, meetings and presentations.

Speak So They Listen

This workshop will help you enhance your delivery when giving feedback, presenting your ideas, selling, coaching, teaching, facilitating meetings, problem solving, networking and making presentations.  It will also provide valuable tips to reduce stress when having difficult conversations and meetings.

Assertive Communication

This workshop will help you better understand your behavior styles to bring about needed change.  You will learn the differences between aggressive, passive and passive aggressive behaviors and given four powerful assertive communication tools to help you manage your responses when in a tough interpersonal situation.

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Registration Details:

The day is $79 for both workshops. Participants will be emailed their confirmation, no physical tickets are necessary!

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