Webinar – Healthcare Education Initiative

Tue, Mar 24th
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Macomb Oakland Regional Center
1270 Doris Rd
Auburn Hills
MI 48326

Join us for an introduction about our mission of improving knowledge of the unique challenges of individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) in the healthcare system, and strategies to better support their needs. You will understand how integrated health care is a vital component to achieving a quality life for those with I/DD. Learn how this inspiring training addresses the significant awareness gap among health care practitioners regarding the unique needs and barriers faced by persons with I/DD when accessing the health care system.

*MORC partners alongside individuals with I/DD who share personal experiences, education, and the impact of increasing adequate healthcare for the I/DD population.

  • Current impact among students
  • Personal growth of trainers
  • Partnerships with University Programs.
  • Highlighted topics from current training

With the support of the Development Disabilities Council, MORC is available to provide an empowering experience for a variety of audiences.  Opportunity to experience the full training will be discussed and available to schedule.  Trainers include:

Adam Fuhrman, MA, LPC:  Adam works as both a clinician and the Peer Mentor Coordinator at MORC, Inc. where he helps individuals identify and develop skills that they can impart to other individuals with similar needs.  Fuhrman is also an AAIDD-certified assessor for the Supports Intensity Scale.  He received both his BA in history and his MA in counseling from Oakland University.

Amit Agrawal:  One of our trainers who has also experienced many barriers when receiving equal and adequate healthcare.  He hopes by sharing his experience and the experiences of his colleagues, doctors and other health care professionals will learn and better understand that the people they serve with disabilities are just like them.  Even with overcoming unique barriers in our lives.  At the end of the day, we just want to be understood, and we are so much more than our disability.

Johnathan Bowie:  One of our trainers who has also experienced many barriers when receiving equal and adequate healthcare.  He believes individuals with disabilities should have a voice when it comes to their healthcare and has become an advocate throughout this initiative.

Bonnie Mazzei, LBSW, QIDP, Project Coordinator:  Bonnie has been with the agency for almost eight years as a Supports Coordinator.  A fully licensed Social Worker through the state of Michigan who has worked directly with the I/DD population throughout her years at MORC.

To register, click here.  Two weeks notice is required for Deaf Interpreter requests.