We are Speaking the Same Language: Making Gentleness Meaningful for All

Wed, Jul 11th
1:30pm - 2:30pm
Macomb Oakland Regional Center
1270 Doris Rd
Auburn Hills
MI 48326

Regardless of where or whom we are supporting, as gentle teachers, we have a responsibility to bring the language of gentleness and compassion to the conversation.  We serve in many roles both personal and professionally.  This presentation will assist in bringing together our circles of influence with the core values we strive to nurture, teach and sustain.

Participants will learn to recognize the relationship between the elements in a Culture of Gentleness in all the circles of influence we live and work within.

This seminar will be presented by Deirdre Mercer.  Deirdre has worked in Michigan as a social worker and statewide and international consultant and now serves as a senior manager at MORC, Inc.  Her experiences have allowed her to develop an array of knowledge and skills that benefit her as a leader of inclusion and diversity.  Deirdre has great energy and enthusiasm toward helping others to achieve their maximum potential through kindness, understanding, and inspirational teaching.  She is also currently serving as a Board Member of Gentle Teaching International.

This seminar offers 1 CE for social workers.  Deaf interpreter also available upon request.  Click here to register.