Webinar — Bringing Flavor to the Waiver

Tue, Dec 18th
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Macomb Oakland Regional Center
1270 Doris Rd
Auburn Hills
MI 48326

We have HCBS experts joining forces with Cultures of Gentleness experts in an effort to help us all meet the implementation of the Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) Rule. Topics they will discuss include:

1. How do you see the Culture of Gentleness supporting the full implementation of the HCBS standards?
2. What are the common fears and the feedback you’ve received regarding the implementation of the HCBS standards?
3. How do you support individuals to communicate their choice?
4. How do you make opportunities for community integration meaningful?
5. How do you demonstrate that those you serve are meaningfully involved with choices relating to full participation in the community?
6. What do we do if someone we support requires a modification to the one of the HCBS standards?
7. What successes have you seen with the implementation and what contributed to the success?

The last half hour or so will be dedicated to answering the questions of those attending the webinar.


Kym Juntti, BA, is the Director of Training at MORC, Inc. as well as the Director of the Center for Positive Living Supports. She started her career as a direct care professional at a workshop for people with developmental disabilities. She is recognized as a national leader in a Culture of Gentleness.

Katy Hammack, M.Ed., QIDP is a Waiver Coordinator at Mid-State Health Network, Region 5 PIHP. At MSHN she has been focusing her time providing guidance to CMHSPs and their Provider Network regarding HCBS standards including: site visits, reviewing CAPs and remediation as well as technical assistance. Prior to this role she spent 9 years in the Recipient Rights section of a CMHSP.

Barb Groom, MA, LLP is a Waiver Coordinator at Mid-State Health Network. Barb grew up in the CMH world and provided direct care through psychology services to those we support. Barb became a trainer in a Culture of Gentleness in 2010 and is now able to use that training to impact lives as it relates to HCBS

Ed Kiefer, LBSW, is the Training Supervisor at MORC, Inc. as well as the Training Supervisor of the Center for Positive Living Supports. Starting in direct care, he leads a training department that trains thousands of caregivers a year on the tenants of a Culture of Gentleness. He is also spearheading initiatives, through technology, to share information relevant to supporting those we serve.

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Attend in person or via your device.  ASL interpreter is available upon request with, but must have two weeks advanced notice.  E-mail request to training@morcinc.org.