Webinar – Creating Structure and Setting Boundaries

Thu, Sep 24th
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Helping those we support and our teams to set boundaries and create positive structure can be challenging in the best of times let alone in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Things seems to be changing continuously; small things that are consistent and predictable become even more important to those around us. Helping people to understand why boundaries and structure are important in their lives is essential to successful implementation. We all have some structure in our lives, how much we need to be successful depends on us. Boundaries are crucial in all of our relationships. During this time our relationships are continuously evolving and changing as we adapt to a new way of connecting with others.

During this presentation you will have the opportunity to explore the importance of setting and maintaining boundaries not only with the people you support but with your team members as well. We will take this opportunity to discuss how to create structure and routine with those that you serve in order to create some predictability in their lives.  There will be a chance to connect with one another and share our experiences and successes.

The speaker is Toni Klassen, Director of Culture and Mentorship at Saskatchewan Alternative Initiatives.  Toni is a fabulous yet stubborn wife, learning mom of an incredible daughter, lover of all dogs, and world’s biggest Nickelback fan – recognized her desire to be involved with people with developmental disabilities at a very young age. She has been employed with SAI since 2009; started out providing direct support and over the years has held various positions and is now a part of the senior management team. Upon finding SAI Toni realized her passion for Gentle Teaching and pursued becoming a certified Mentor and Master Mentor. Today Toni’s focus has shifted slightly to concentrate on SAI’s employee experience. She combines HR with an emphasis on culture to help employee’s find purpose and meaning in their role.

Click here to register.  One Social Work CEU is offered for this webinar.