Webinar – Ray of Light

Tue, Sep 15th
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Ray Schuholz is a community leader residing in Wayne County, Michigan. He is committed to helping people and communities embrace an optimistic approach to life during this time of uncertainty. Throughout this pandemic, Ray has been committed to ensuring people receiving supports are not forgotten and experience a self-determined life.  Through the sharing of his story that includes living in an institution to now living independently for the last 36 years, you will be reminded of the value of your contribution for the continuance of our community effort.  Ray’s engaging and dynamic style will inspire you to think about the way you think and motivate you to enhance your actions of continued advocacy.  Ray is an active and contributing member of his community and his life story is the story of mental health and self-determination in Michigan.  Ray has the say

Ray is a Certified Peer Support Specialist with Community Living Services and would like to share his journey for the benefit of others.  Ray encourages you to include others who are receiving services to experience this webinar in the comfort of their home, or other safe setting.   Ray has the say and wants you to have the say too!

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This webinar is being brought to you in partnership with Community Living Services.  One Social Work CEU is available for this webinar.