Webinar – Strategies for Managing Your Change Management Initiative

Thu, Mar 21st
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Macomb Oakland Regional Center
1270 Doris Rd
Auburn Hills
MI 48326

Today, organizational change is inevitable – regardless of the size or industry of an organization. Equally important, the speed at which a new change occurs has accelerated. Organizational change can range from barely a blip/minimal to upending or transformational – but it will happen. Managing change and creating a change-ready culture is paramount. Questions we will answer during this Webinar will support understanding some of the dynamics of change (e.g., message, resistance, communication) and taking a strategic approach that intertwines both the people and the operational sides of change. Questions to be answered:
(1) There are many models and frameworks for implementing, and for adapting to change. Could you share a few, including your own?
(2) Are there different types of change; what are they? Does it matter – and why or why not?
(3) What is the leader’s role or what is a leader change agent? What key attributes, skills or behaviors does the leader need to exhibit?
(4) Why is it important to be strategic and intentional when implementing or rolling-out a change imitative? What specifically does being strategic and intentional look like and/or involve? What is the value/benefit?
(5) Your change management model includes a ‘People’ or ‘Human’ side of change and a ‘Process’ or ‘Operational’ side. Do I need to include specific tactics to address the ‘People’ side? How do I accomplish that (i.e., what are some tactics)?
(6) Is a communication plan an imperative? What are key elements of the change-management communication plan? Why is a well thought-out communication plan, implemented in synchronicity with the overall plan, critical?
(7) What might resistance look like? Should resistance to the change be ignored/minimized? Why or why not? What are some strategies for addressing resistance?

1 CE for social work is available.  ASL interpreter is also available upon advanced request.  Click here to register.