Creating a Home Atmosphere of Solitude to Help Cope with Adult Autism

When you’re on the autism spectrum, the qualities that make up a soothing home atmosphere require a lot more consideration. As those diagnosed in childhood grow into adults, they may discover that the specific daily challenges they run into are changing, but the need to have a tranquil living space remains ever-important. In this guide, we will discuss the modifications …

Sleep Help for those diagnosed with Autism

Between 44 to 83 percent of children with autism spectrum disorder also experience sleep issues. Most commonly, children with autism have difficulty falling asleep and experience disturbed sleep once they do. Problematically, their sleep problems tend to exacerbate other issues characteristic of the disorder. For instance, daytime sleepiness from lack of sleep often results in hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and aggression during …

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sleep

Given that studies have shown upwards of 80% of young people diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder (and that number is equally bad for adults) aren’t getting the necessary amount of sleep, Tuck Sleep created a comprehensive overview of ASD, how it affects sleep and expert sleep management information. Read the Article Here

5 Factors raise hospitalization risk for kids with Autism

A new study identifies which factors put young people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at high risk of being hospitalized for inpatient psychiatric care—including factors both related and unrelated to ASD itself. Read the Article Here