Training Philosophy

Vision Statement

Educating, empowering and mentoring

Our Beliefs

  • There is hope for all people
  • People deserve to feel emotionally and physically safe
  • People deserve to feel loved
  • All people have unconditional value
  • Individuals thrive “in community” where there is a sense of belonging and meaningful relationship with others
  • Community is not a destination; rather, community is a state of being
  • We have a personal responsibility to act with urgency, focus, and unyielding commitment on our beliefs

Our Philosophy

We believe that a well-trained workforce is the investment you make into your organizations culture. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality training that focuses on a Transformational Learning Model. This model focuses on providing training that addresses the psychological, behavioral and convictional aspects of learning that can lead to changes in understanding, actions and belief system.

Utilizing best practices for teaching the adult learner along with a commitment to honor the important role of today’s human service professional allows us provide a menu of instructor led, blended, on-line and digital education to prepare all levels of today’s workforce in Human services.

MORC’s commitment to creating a Culture of Gentleness, which recognizes that in order to develop long-term, sustainable positive outcomes for those with complex needs, we must address the need for all shareholders to feel safe, valued, confident and competent, is inner-woven into all training services.