Supporting the Caregiver through Crisis Webinar

Wed, May 13th
1:00pm - 2:30pm

It was always our understanding that Direct Support Professionals are the keys to our success in helping those we serve. During these unprecedented times we are calling on them to continue to provide the same standard of high quality care knowing that they themselves, and the people they are serving, are experiencing increased challenges resulting from this pandemic. Please join us for an opportunity to be reminded of the value of this role and how the tenets of a Culture of Gentleness can help navigate you through the increased demands resulting from social distancing and the emotional toll this societal change has created.

Topics we will be discussing include:

–The impact of this crisis on us as caregivers
–What can we do for ourselves to help us stay regulated
–The impact of this crisis on those we support
–What can we do to help those we support feel safe
–Connecting from a distance; adjusting our tools of caregiving
–Effective leadership strategies for the when times are tough

We will also have existing provider leadership sharing their stories of their journey through these turbulent times to provide inspirations of hope and determination. There will also be an opportunity for you to share your short stories of hope and ask questions of the panel. Also, we will go beyond the allotted time based on participation. As the MORC Training Team has been very busy the last six weeks with a digital conversion of instructor led training offerings we are excited to be able to offer increased opportunities for our Hour to Empower Webinar series during this time. Also, you will have an opportunity to provide input after this presentation, via survey, on topics you’d like to be considered for future webinar offerings.

Presenters include:
Kym Juntti, MORC Training Director

Ed Kiefer, MORC Training Supervisor

Deirdre Mercer, Progressive Lifestyles, Inc. C.O.O.

Ashley, Progressive Lifestyles, Inc. Director

Dominique, Progressive Lifestyles, Inc. Home Manager

Andy Sonntag, Life Center’s Program Director

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