The Separate, Unequal Education of Students with Special Needs

Despite the right to an equal education bestowed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, challenges and inequities in educational settings are widespread among children with special needs.  See how an important case in Georgia is bringing many of these issues to light and resulting in renewed advocacy on the federal level. Read the Article Here

Why it pays to hire workers with developmental disabilities

There are many compelling and cost-effective reasons for employing a person with developmental disabilities. However, none of the factors is more convincing to the employer than the personal qualities that the individual with a disability brings to the employment setting. Time and time again, employers indicate that individuals with developmental disabilities are committed and dedicated workers who possess a strong …

Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities: A Unique Population

Adults with developmental disabilities are living longer, healthier, more meaningful lives. Within the past seven years, advancements in medicine and public policy changes, along with a societal push for inclusion, have provided physicians with an opportunity to play a pivotal role in promoting, managing, and delivering care that supports a high quality of life for older adults with intellectual and …

The Michigan ABLE Act

Do you know about the Michigan ABLE act? It allows eligible individuals with disabilities and their families to plan for their future by saving and investing up to $100,000, without putting their benefits or other income in jeopardy. Read the Article Here