Training Courses

Center for Positive Living Supports Training

Training is the investment made in the culture of organizations and is the foundation of all service delivery systems. It is not something that only occurs once but, in fact, is an on-going endeavor of all successful organizations. The training opportunities listed below are offered in the Metropolitan Detroit region. On-site training at your desired location is available for organizations that choose that option.  If interested in any of the our trainings listed below please contact Robyn Frantz at

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This seminar is designed to provide individuals with a basic overview of a Culture of Gentleness, what it is and what it isn’t. An introduction to the Central Purpose and the Six Elements will be provided. This opportunity would be ideal for board members, administrators and others who do not provide direct service but have an interest in that area. This seminar can be conducted in ninety (90) minute, half day, or full day increments depending upon the depth of information desired. This service may also be the opportunity to meet with administrative staff and direct caregivers as a follow-up to a consultation. During this session, a basic overview of a Culture of Gentleness will be provided in relation to the individual(s) served.